Call for Papers

We invite submissions for 30-minute talks plus 10 minutes for discussion. Abstracts must be anonymous, in PDF format, 2 pages (A4 or letter), in a font size no less than 12pt, and with margins of 1 inch/2.5cm. Please submit abstracts via EasyAbs (see link below) no later than July 28, 2013.

Abstract submission link:

Ideal submissions to this workshop might involve (but are not limited to) the following components (individually or in combination):

  • Experimental testing using methods from psychology/the cognitive sciences
  • Novel empirical findings (e.g. from corpus work), which shed light on pronouns at the syntax-semantics interface
  • Potential extensions of current syntactic-semantic approaches to pronouns to accommodate other pronominal classes (e.g. null pronouns, demonstratives)
  • Diachronic shifts of the pronominal form and interpretation
  • Recent developments concerning (anti-)logophoricity
  • Comparisons of quantifier-variable readings contrasting null pronouns with overt pronouns
  • The cross-linguistic distribution of demonstrative pronouns and their comparison to personal pronouns
  • Semantic differences between clitic pronouns and non-clitic pronouns